B. A. R. eCourse




When you’re ready to stop over-committing, but don’t know how.
When you know you need to reduce your stress, but need some guidance.
When you’re sick of complicated solutions that you never implement.

It’s time for BAR: Breathe, Acknowledge, Release.

These 3 simple steps are incredibly powerful, and so easy to implement. BAR was developed after hundreds of hours coaching one-on-one clients. No matter what the situation, stress management is always a challenge. We live in an over-scheduled, over-committed world, and have convinced ourselves that feeling stressed is a part of life. That doesn’t have to be true! BAR teaches a simple 3 step process that will have you living a less-stressed life immediately.

The 20+ page eBook contains information and practices you can put into place right away.  You’ll receive a guided meditation, a Release video, and tons of other ways to tackle your stress immediately, in the way that best suits you.

Don’t spend 1 more day feeling overwhelmed and unable to handle stress. Learn the BAR technique and start handling your stress like a pro!