Practical Tips for Running a Soulful, Loving Business

You might argue that the secret to success of any business hinges on their brand building, marketing strategies, digital marketing campaigns, social media publicity, etc.; and you would not be wrong. After all, the aim of any business is to make a profit. But even with all of these, something very vital is missing, an extremely important part of any business, which is love. Love for the business you are running, love for your employees and love for your customers.

There are many businesses today that have lost their soul in pursuit of profit. What they fail to realize is that they need their souls in place to make and maximize that profit. This is a tested and trusted way to ensure the success of your business.

Love is an investment              

If there is any business strategy that you can be sure will never fail you, it’s love. When you build your brand identity around love, especially if you are a small local business, you are bound to reap it. Love costs nothing so it is a low-risk investment capable of yielding maximum returns.

When your employees see that you love your business and them, they will reciprocate that in how they run your business and handle their responsibilities even in your absence. That is why it is important that you treat your employees with love.

People naturally tend to reciprocate good acts. So, when you treat your business like your family and your employees like they are members of that family, they will give their all to ensure that the business succeeds. They will go all out for you and your business because they feel loved. They will not just be workers; they will be campaign and advert managers as well, actively trying to help you build your business. They see the business as their own.

Loving your customers is also very important. This completes the triangle of love – for your business, your staff and your customers. Loving your customers means that you want the best for them. It means providing the best possible service. It’s also going out of your way to give them what they want as long as it is not detrimental to your business. You must keep a balance when it comes to dealing with customers. You will see them reciprocate the love you show them, too. You will become their first choice product or service. They will also be proud to make referrals and recommendations because the hallmark of your business is love.

Believe the Best in People

It’s hard to imagine how this relates to your business, but you will soon realize how important it is. When you believe the best in people, even though you see their flaws and imperfections, you look at the good in them and their actions. It is like having a son who loves to write. When you read his essays, you will spot grammatical blunders, wrong punctuation, etc.; but you do not write him off. Instead you choose to celebrate, encourage and correct him with love because you believe the best in him. He may become a successful essay writer and it will be a credit to you. It works the same way with your employees.

When you love them, you believe the best of them and try to help them get better. Of course, they may make mistakes, but you can correct them with love because you believe they can do better. Encourage and motivate them. This is important to keep your employees happy and satisfied.

Do not Be All About Profit – Be More about Human

The objective of every business is to make profit. While this is your main goal, you should not be so obsessed with it that you forget you are working with people. Every employee feels a particular type of emotion towards their work and workplace. The collective emotion of your employees will define the soul of the business. In your pursuit of profit, you do not want to frustrate your employees so much that they grow angry working for you or lose their motivation. This will transcend into how they handle your business and deal with your customers. Their behavior will ultimately define your business.

When you see your employees first as humans and treat them with love, they will be motivated to do more. They will start to compete within themselves to be better and this will bode well for your business.


A soulful and loving business is one in which everybody involved is happy. This starts from the business owner and filters down to the employees as well as the customers. Everyone should love their job and their place of work. Building the right atmosphere so your employees love their work and doing it effectively is important to running a successful business. Branding and digital marketing campaigns are important for lead generation and building a customer base; but in-house, it is important that your employees feel happy and secure working for you. Employee satisfaction goes a long way in achieving customer satisfaction.

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