Pour Kind Over Matter : Connect with Everything :

, originally uploaded by daybeezho.

Go outside in a long flowing skirt on a breezy day, let the wind have its way, just let go as it snakes its self up & down your legs, stand out in a sprinkle storm, try to notice every time a droplet connects with your skin, find yourself in the woods, be still, listen to every little sound, catalog it, pull it out in times of chaos, remember that the Earth is always beneath you, remember that in every cell of your being, allow yourself that, to think of the stars, the sun, moon & galaxies, infinity, fasten yourself to the positive energy they emit, displace time from your system when you need to, take a walk, drink in the beauty of nature, be yourself, just like the weather, do what comes naturally, be aware of prana, its energy, dance with it, dance with yourself.

Have an amazing weekend, see you all Monday!



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