Positive Energy

Post by Andie Weaver for the Love for Love series.

by Andie Weaver

Positive Energy

This is what I believe.

Humans are good. Humans are fundamentally good. It’s in our nature. There are people out there who would tell you to be kind to your oppressors. There are people out there who would hug someone who tried to beat them with a stick in the hopes that love can heal the broken. There are people out there who refuse to protest in any way but through peace and nonviolence, even though they are protesting their own violent mistreatment. And there are people out there who protest nonviolently for causes that don’t even directly affect them. There are people who genuinely place the equal treatment of their fellow life forms in front of their own well-being.

We all come from the same place. We are all souls made of the same white life force. We are genderless forms of beautiful energy, with every color of the rainbow and even those colors that we can’t see ingrained in our very souls. It’s the same energy that flows through the Earth to make the grass and the trees and the mountains and the oceans and the air. It’s the same energy that makes animals and gives them the purity and wonder that they possess. It’s the same energy that is interwoven throughout every particle in the entire universe. The stars, the novae that explode into cosmic paint splatters, the specific conditions that keep the Earth orbiting the sun at exactly the distance and speed with exactly the chemicals and angle of tilt necessary to keep us alive – the same energy that powers human beings, that powers us, is interwoven into everything in existence.

That’s why dark, negative energy isn’t as powerful. This wonderful, vibrant energy is literally woven into the very fabric of the universe. It’s the reason that everything exists. There’s no way anything could ever combat that – not because this energy is fighting against it, although it sometimes has to, but because this energy simply exists as a fundamental component of everything that has ever, currently does, or will ever exist. It does not have to defend its own existence – it is there, always. And it’s the core of our being.

Going back to the fact that there are those who would rather die than treat another human being with cruelty or bad intentions – I believe that this mindset comes from the same place in our heart that stores that colorful white energy. It comes from the part of us that knows we’re all connected – not just humans, but the Earth, the universe, its inhabitants. That white energy is in all of our cores. It’s in the genetics of existence. Everything has a life force in it, every move we make echoes in the universe forever, because all of it is tied to this life force.

In that case, there is not a soul alive in whom this energy does not exist. The worst person you know has it in them to be the most kind, beautiful, and colorful person you could imagine. As humans, we have a tendency to fear the positive potential we can have, and sometimes we turn away from it. Sometimes it’s more difficult than seems possible to bring someone back from that. It seems impossible to show people that they can be wonderful, especially when it seems like they refuse to see it, themselves. And it’s even more discouraging that we can’t ever change people – people must change themselves, because that change comes from a place that we don’t have access to – a place so personal that only the person in question can reach it. And they don’t always want to do that.

All of this being said, to treat any fellow life force with anything short of dignity is to mistreat and cut off that individual’s access to that life force, as well. Everyone can feel, and to inflict pain upon anyone intentionally is to inflict pain upon the universe along with them. Each negative action resounds through that light force that is interwoven throughout everything. Every life force deserves a chance, and to treat someone who fears their own greatness as if they themselves are something to be feared and scorned is to take that chance away from them. It is to take away any chance they have of looking at themselves and saying, “Maybe I am as worthy as others.”

This is why equality is such an important issue in every aspect – the human race is capable of the most beautiful spectrum of emotions and the deepest feeling and the most selfless caring that anyone could ever conceive, and beyond. This is how millions of people have protested against the mistreatment of their fellow life forms (plants and animals included) for years. This is why billions of different people can come up with the same compassionate ideas all separately from each other. This is why we are still here. This is what equality does – it makes the world a place that is kind to all the kindness held within it, however hidden that kindness may be. It allows for a world in which that kindness does not have to hide. It gives the light within everything a fighting chance at shining through. It sends positive energy and love throughout the universe, and when has a universe composed of love ever been a bad thing?

Andie Weaver is a student at Young Harris College and someday hopes to write books and songs and perform music and drama. In the meantime, she is soaking up the mountains and catching every glimpse she can of the stars.


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