Poetry is an Act of Peace

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As many of you know, it’s National Poetry Month!

I’ve been a lover of poetry for as long as I can remember. The first time I laid eyes on it was in spiral notebook I found. It was my mom’s – full of hand-written poems she cataloged from books & magazines throughout the years.

I devoured it.

My hands opened that tattered green cover too many times to count.

I started to poem in middle school, in the 7th grade. There was a girl that moved into our school district who I became friends with. She was terrifically prolific & when she became comfortable, she shared her words with all of us.

They were mostly poems about love & heartbreak in ABCB format, hundreds of them, love & heartbreak at a 7th grade level but nonetheless I was hooked, on both the reading & the writing of.

A few of us would pass our poems around within our group of friends – (along with L. J. Smith’s books, the Vampire Diaries & Secret Circle series anyone? Ha!) We typed & then printed them out on dot matrix printers… stacks of them, piles of perforated edges painted with our fingerprints.

They were who we were.

They were our stories.

We connected through them.

In high school, I lost interest in writing for a bit, but just after graduating I dove back into it, full force, never looking back.

Among some of my favorite memories include living alone, coming home from work or school, sitting in the middle of my bedroom in my attic apartment on the hardwood floor in a tank top & skivvies & tip-tapping poetry out on a old typewriter. Fully enthralled in Beat Lit & Bukowski, wine glass at arm’s reach, of course. How cliché, right?

But it was who I was.

There have been breaks, blocks, pauses, whatever you want to call them – over the last month though, poems have been clawing themselves out of me. It feels so good to be free of them, to be writing regularly again.

In light of all this inspiritment, I have been publishing a poem-a-day on Words Dance, poems from the back issues of the magazine.

You can sign up here to get the daily email plus a free eBook of poems from the print issues!


I opened submissions for a Summer issue! Words Dance 13!


I used to make gorgeous handmade limited edition poetry books, see the above photo & if you want to check out some behind the scenes photos hop over here!

I am currently in the process of creating eBooks of those chaps & shelving them in the Kindle Store! When I became a mama, I had to stop making books for several reasons, room to create & time being at the forefront of those reasons.

I am super-excited that I found a way to make it all work again because these collections of poetry are beautiful & more folks need to read them.

Will you come dance with us?

Poetry is an Act of Peace

Pablo Neruda
Love ? –

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