picking up the peace with Amy Friend

Guest Post by Amy Friend for the Kind Kindred series.

picking up the peace

sometimes, despite all efforts and odds, the story of your day will still be about broken coffee cups, smashed eggs and a screaming child.


but there it is again.

that fleeting, flirtatious moment.

the one that lifts you.

not out of it, but through and through, and higher still.

the one that shows you the magic of it all. how it all matters. makes sense. and then matters even less than the peace you swim off in.

if only you could believe the answers before you have to twist them into questions. for others. for a perplexing world.

if only you could allow your place and age and time to be absolutely aligned. always. without surprise.

because underneath it all, you know.

the ifs and interruptions are infinite.

dancing in and out of each moment.

daring you to look within.

or look away.

from the action that is the answering.

the possibility and reality worth the infinite sticky, stinky mess.

Amy Friend creates many audacious messes along with her powerfully feminine jewelry line at Amy Friend Jewelry.


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