Personalize your Friend’s Baby Shower Gift

Post by Amanda Walters for the Kind Kindred series.

photo taken by Lara Heacock of someone else’s personalized baby shower gift!

The gift ideas for baby showers are endless – from baby bunting and designer changing bags, to audio books and baby footprint keepsakes. But how can you give a truly personalized present that shows thought and care?

Make it yourself
A homemade gift shows real effort and is a great way to give something personal that really means something. If you don’t know where to start, try browsing Craft Superstore to see what materials you might need to get your project going. Whether it’s a hand-made card, or a scrapbook of memories (with space to add more stuff once baby is born), a cake, a DIY bath bomb, or even a piece of artwork, a gift you make yourself is one that comes from the heart.

Make mum the focus
Don’t forget that alongside gifts for baby, it’s nice to get mum something too. This isn’t a particularly new idea but is a good one nonetheless. Perhaps a pair of jeans to wear after the birth? She’ll no doubt be glad to get out of elasticated waists even if they are remarkably comfortable. Or something to help with relaxing and pampering? Most parents look forward to getting gifts that will be useful when the baby arrives, but there is no doubt that mum will also appreciate something just for her.

Buy it, then personalize it
A good half-way house between buying a gift in a shop and making it entirely from scratch yourself is to get something like a handbag or t-shirt and customize it to make it unique. You could add a clever new element to a pair of trousers or dress with a sewn on design, or even an iron-on patch or two. Adding gems or buttons is another great way to tailor something you’ve purchased. Personalizing a baby jumper or hat is a simple way to give your friend’s baby shower gift that little something extra.

Seek out something special
If you’re feeling flush, you could opt for a baby shower gift that is one-of-a-kind. More expensive than going down the DIY route, you can buy bouquets or cakes made of nappies or children’s clothes. Full of useful items and cleverly put together, you can personalize these gifts by color, contents and theme. For example you could go for a blue baby towel and t-shirt cake in the shape of a train, or a mixture of clothes for little girls in the shape of a bouquet of pink roses in different shades.

The unusual option
If you’re really stuck for ideas for the perfect baby shower present, have a look at some of the more unusual gift ideas out there. The ‘baby keeper’ is particularly novel and allows you to literally hang your baby from the inside of a toilet door so that your hands are free while you take a few minutes to yourself. Or perhaps your friend would like a ‘roller buggy’ where you can take your baby out for a walk but skateboard along at the same time. That would certainly make for a memorable gift!

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