The Perpetual Picnic

I’ve raved about Samantha’s photos before, I just can’t get enough of her or them! She is an extremely talented being, photographer, poet, gardener, farmer, baker, all around just lovely! She kindly sent us the above photo exclusively & is also offering our readers a SUPER discount in her shop!

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In Samantha’s Words about her newest series:

Lion*Light*Lamb: The Perpetual Picnic

This newest series is about a lovely girl named Amelia Mae, a farmer’s daughter. One day while on a picnic in a meadow, Amelia had a complete feeling of content ness and took the moment to reminisce about her young yet intricate lace and cotton life. Little did she know that someone else was watching…the stars.

The constellations looked down upon Amelia and wanted to always observe this moment… so they set the record that was this picnic into a constant and evermore spin. Amelia Mae is now repeating the same feelings and the same moment as long as she breathes. The stars marvel at her as if she were the most valued nebula that ever was, always trying to capture each emotion as it glows from her words and her skin… but there is something these shining celestial bodies did not know… Amelia did feel an overwhelming sway of love and perfection… but she was also trying to forget something that had grown. Now she is faced with the constant task of always remembering, but always trying to forget. She is reciting a Perpetual Picnic.

The inspiration behind this series is derived from my recent study of constellations, the human brain and its memory, George Washington Carver and his work with flowers and the simple life of an Agrarian. I am trying to take full advantage of my new farm and the breath-giving scenes that abound around it. I enjoy completely submerging myself into the world and light of a scene and character… & Amelia has been oh so interesting to evince. Her world is bright and glowie… a place where stars shine during her perpetual day and love is captured from her eyes and lips, then kept in mason jars owned by the controlling constellations above…they enjoy marveling at her like a monarch butterfly. There is a plentiful amount of creative writing in this new series and I plan on eventually compiling it for a single book of poetry to coincide with a coffee table book. But, I invite you all to come and enjoy Amelia’s world, as it grows yet never changes as her time passes but the emotions never do?”

Why We Always Smile At Flowers

She always keeps a packet of seeds and soil
Hidden away in the light of her laugh
Heavy rich lyrical earth in her apron
Like over creased letters from god
This is the reason we always smile at flowers
Like loved ones we have always known

You never try not to look
Or leap
Or dance in a perfect days wake
Happiness that verbalizes in syllables
And incandescent gold kitchens
Kettles singing the high notes
You on your tiptoes
The record spins

Love always leaves flowers
Well-trodden paths
Always more than we can imagine
More than we can forget
Perfection lays prey to time…
We never know what her spinning dress
Or his full and entranced sprouting heart
Might will
Or weigh
On her next tilted head smile
The permanence of using the stars
And their fallen dust
To grow

– Poetry by Samantha Lamb

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