Permission to Feel Any Way You Want

Year end. Holiday shopping. Parties, dinners and events – oh my!

This time of year is filled with merriment and joy for some and with loneliness and gray for others. For most people it’s somewhere in between or all of the above; which inevitably makes you think that however you’re feeling is wrong.

Let’s change that thinking right now.

Consider this your official permission slip to feel however you feel! This permission slip is good all 365 days of the year and comes in especially handy in the last 30-45 days.

If you are overjoyed, excited and squealing with delight because it’s the holidays, that ROCKS! Own your joy!

If you are feeling quiet, or contemplative, or downright sad, you get to own that, too. Please just reach out to someone so you know you’re not alone.

My point is this: despite what the Hallmark Channel movies or Grinches want you to think, there is no wrong way to fee at this time of year. You get to feel any way that you feel – and possibly even several different ways in the course of a day!

My wish for you as 2018 winds down is that you give yourself the kindness that you undoubtedly give to those around you. Sometimes that means jumping for joy, and sometimes that means picking jammies on the sofa over a holiday party. There’s no wrong choice when the choice you make honors your needs.

Feel however you feel. Give yourself that gift this holiday season; and if there’s anyone else in your life who needs permission to do the same, send ’em here.  🙂

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