Pep Talks from a Social Failure, part 1

Let’s talk about…”Friends.”

What’s up guys? My name is Renee and I am a beauty blogger. Although there are a lot of perceptions that beauty and fashion bloggers try to keep up this facade that they lead amazing, perfect lives – they don’t. But let me break that down for you.

This year, once a month, you are going to get a total life talk from none other than the queen of social failures. This is the girl that happened to attempt to sneak a frog into her elementary class where it then proceeded to escape and wreak havoc when everyone thought it was a rat. Yep, learned my lesson there.

This month I am going to be covering the topic of “friends” (AKA:  Bad friends). Yes, there is such a thing as bad friends and you don’t need them in your life. Considering that I have a very interesting history on this topic (you probably don’t want to hear about that), I am the perfect person to teach you what to do about these bad friends that you probably have in your life.

People that make you miserable, make you feel worse about yourself, and people that make bad decisions that negatively impact others are “friends.”

The hardest part about maintaining bad friends is the toll it takes on you. Sometimes a person feels that they really need to find new friends but they’re not really sure how, or how to leave these bad friends in the dust. That’s where I come in.

At first, making new friends seems really difficult; but if you open up and let people see you for who you actually are it’s a whole lot easier. You don’t need to maintain a facade, let that barrier down and shine! The first step is just put yourself out there, don’t hold back, and if anyone doesn’t like you for who you are that’s their problem.

Everyone has a point in their lives when they feel like everything sucks and it doesn’t look like it’s going to get any better. And it won’t unless you take the steps to get yourself back up and keep fighting. When you cave in to people you really don’t even like, whether or not you ever admit it to yourself, you’re one step closer to losing that battle. Being miserable isn’t something that you have to deal with, and statistically, people you surround yourself with are most likely the source of your misery.

Leaving your old friends behind may seem really difficult, and I’m not going to lie here, at first it is. But once you get to know some new people you’re definitely going to see a difference in your life. I’m going to make an analogy that may or may not make sense – pulling out the weeds in a garden lets the flowers flourish. And that’s all you need to bloom and become the person you really want to be.

After I cut those “friends” out of my life everything started to look up. After years of feeling like I wasn’t good enough to hang out with any other people, I realized it wasn’t me that wasn’t good enough. It was them. To give you a little bit of insight as to how that felt, in case you don’t know, think about asking your best friend if she wanted to see a movie but she said no, saying she had a family road trip that weekend. And the next thing you know, you see pictures of her and the rest of your friends at a party without you. That feeling of anger and sadness and betrayal all at once is not something you have to deal with because at some point in their lives karma is going to bite them in the butt. And it will hurt.

I’m not saying that just because someone didn’t invite you to something, once, is a reason to cut them from your life. But when they do it for literally everything, you need to realize that they don’t really understand how great you are as a person or as a friend – or how much fun and potential you bring to the table because everyone brings something! If someone makes you feel like you’re a failure of a friend, they’re wrong, because it’s impossible to be a failure of a friend. Sure, friendships have their ups and downs, but you can’t be such a bad friend that you make someone else feel worse about themselves to prove they were a bad friend. That would make you the worse friend, but you’re still not a failure. And let me say it again – you don’t need them in your life. Once you cut negatively impacting people out of it, you can only soar from there.

pep talks 1 coffee

And if your life goal isn’t to be as happy as this coffee, you may want to rethink that life goal.

And this has been Pep Talks from a Social Failure.




Renee Hu is a beauty and fashion blogger on She is easily recognized for her humor and unique style of writing. As a blogger that easily relates to anyone else with anxiety, the stories she brings to the table are almost always the laugh-so-hard-you-almost-cry kind. Instagram | Blog

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