Pay Attention To the Whispers

Ask the question.
Send the email.
Propose the project.
State your needs.
Call that person.
Take the meeting.

What does your quiet whisper urge you to do? Do you listen?

Call it intuition, gut instinct, divine intervention, the quiet whisper or something else – it’s worth listening when you notice it showing up.

How many times have you listened to the quiet whisper and called someone who said, “I was just thinking about you?”

What might happen if you listened to that whisper and asked for something you want? Maybe it’s a promotion, or a new team member, or a night off from cooking dinner. Your first instinct might say, “I wouldn’t get it,” but what if you did? Sure, there are no guarantees you’ll get what you ask for; but as cliché as it is, if you don’t ask you definitely won’t get it. What if that quiet whisper is urging you to ask at just the right time?

That first instinct that says “I wouldn’t get it” is mislabeled. That’s not instinct – that’s fear. Fear’s job is to protect us and keep us safe, and to dramatically oversimplify things, sameness = safety to our brains.

Sure, you might not get what you ask for when you listen to the quiet whisper, but it’s totally possible that you would.

What if when you notice that fear coming up, you practice some self-kindness and give yourself a little pause and some kindness, and then consider the possibility that your ask could have a positive outcome?

Tune into that quiet whisper. See what it’s got to say. Maybe there are repeating patterns or themes. Challenge yourself to listen to it and take action. What’s the best thing that could happen?

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