Past Tense

If you give it enough thought
You’ll realize that we’ve always been taught
What to do
It’s all up to you
It’s all on you
To move with what’s given
We always hinder
Bad decisions
Even worse consequences
I’m not trying to be rough
It’s just
That I look back on everything that’s happened
And see
That it’s always been on me
To make chess moves
Options that are right in front of you
Just gotta take it
Decisions that benefit you
And those around
Crying does no good
Yes I’m from hood
But I see no victims here
I see all winners
Who got sidetracked
Keep it pushing
Keep it pushing
Keep it pushing
Forgive what you did
And remember at the same time
All that’s past tense

jimmie perry
Jimmie Perry is a poet, investor, singer, rapper, college dropout (forget the negative connotation) and overall creator. He’s been exploring this world searching for his place and has run into several “exciting” things along the way. He’s been to the moon, Saturn and the trenches of Detroit, the place he’s from. He hopes you enjoy the things he writes and travel with him in spirit as he continues his journey through space (figuratively). Follow him on Instagram

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