Our light gives others permission to shine

photo by Jenny Ingalls Nelson

Kate Courageous said it best in a Facebook post last week:
“My friends, if things are going well in your life, and that triggers others…well, beyond a healthy compassion for them, that ain’t your business.”.

Have you ever felt badly about letting your light shine? I know I have, and I completely believe that we shouldn’t let our light shine in a way that makes others feel inferior, but I think it often goes beyond that. I think that we often choose to dim our light intentionally. We think “what if it makes him/her feel badly?” or “what if he/she doesn’t appreciate it?”.


What if the opposite is true? What if letting your light shine gives others permission to do the same? What if letting your light shine reminds others of their own light?

Sometimes misery does want company, but sometimes the people around us need to see that there is light, to remember their own.

Starting today, I challenge you to let your light shine. Don’t hide it, don’t dim it, just put it out there when it feels right. Just maybe, your light will be exactly what someone else needs to allow their own to shine.

Thank you for being on this journey with me.
?, Lara

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