Our Interview in Artful Blogging Magazine!

Our Interview in Artful Blogging Magazine!

A few months ago the lovely Jennifer Jackson, Managing Editor of the Stampington Company & Artful Blogging, contacted us, asking if we would like to be a part of their Autumn edition & to say the very least we were extremely flattered (& giddily dancing around on the phone saying, AMANDA, JENN, AMANDA, JENN — EEEEEE! to one another!) The issue is so, so gorgeous, we are among some of the most amazing company, you must give yourself a gift & pick up a copy!

When we saw the cover… & that we were on it… well, there was even more, EEEEEEEing going on! Oh yes.

A great big wonderful thank you to Jennifer & each of the amazing artists that allowed us to share their work in the feature!!

Amanda Heironimus
Jessica Rose
Jessica Swift
Katie Daisy
Vivian Fu

We couldn’t have done this without you, you YES YOU, you reading this, right now. YOU are the reason Kind Over Matter is what it is today. You make creating this space so easy. Thank you to every one of you that have allowed us to feature your incredible work, be it photos, art, words, crafts, all of it. Thank you for creating, thank you for reading, thank you for being you.

Included just a few of the questions from the interview plus the pretty spread below, enjoy!

Peace to you, in all you do.

Artful Blogging Interview

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