Our dogs are magical spirit animals

Spirit animals are all around us and sometimes they are our pets. Our spirit animals are spirits that guide, protect and support us through life’s journeys. They choose us, or we choose them because of their similar characteristics. It could be any animal such as a wolf, owl, cat or one of many other possibilities. Having two magical dogs in my life, I love to share the magic of having a dog as your spirit animal. But trust me, even if you don’t have a dog sharing your home with you, you still can have an intense relationship with dogs.

The symbolism of spirit animals

I believe that our pets are our guardian angels, that they have more guidance to offer us than we realize. Spirit animals bring awareness and help lead us through life, acknowledging our higher purpose. Understanding their symbolic meanings can bring us a sense of safety and confidence in what we do. Dogs, in particular, symbolize vigilance and often act as a guardian and protector. They help us through our weaknesses and build on our strengths, improving our physical, mental and spiritual state. They are uniquely gifted to make us aware of something about to happen, sometimes something physical or an event in our lives.

Your dog as a spiritual guide

How do you find and connect with your spirit animal? You can find and connect with your spirit animal through meditation or your dreams. For example, the relationship with our pet dogs is an example of true friendship, with a lot of affection and quality time together. They are always by our side during troublesome times or happy moments. They teach us to treat our friends and family with the same amount of love and respect. Meditating to understand our dogs may lead us to more effective ways of loving or respecting ourselves and others. If you have experienced loneliness or betrayal some time in your life, dog totems may present themselves to you, showing you that loyalty still exists. To heal trauma together with your dog is very rewarding. This healing and rebuilding of yourself will help you rebuild in a kind and vital way. The dog is very patient and will wait until you are ready to make your next move. It loves you unconditionally.

Guided meditation

Meditate to understand the connection, meaning and life lessons and discover them with our dogs by being silent and still in their presence. Dogs are a symbolic reference for family, devotion and patience. Their attributes include perseverance, protection, sensitivity, purpose and joy. They are loyal to anyone who treats them with love and affection. When a dog spirit animal comes into your life, it can mean that you are trustworthy and true to those around you.

Animals teach us about spirituality and help improve our physical and spiritual well-being to enjoy a lifetime of prosperity. The dog totem or spirit animal is the most common one and tells us a lot about how we give and receive love from those we care about most.

Renee Vos De Wael
Renee is an open-hearted, full-energy persona. She is a walker of life - an animal communicator and psychic life coach, educator, group facilitator, traveler, wife, mother and student. Renee adopted a flexible attitude towards life and as an intuitive. She sees the possibilities in people before they notice it themselves. You can connect with Renee at Sagittarius Way or on Insight Timer where she is a teaching and meditation guide.

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