Operation: Creative Career Cheer Giveaway with Michelle Ward!

Operation: Creative Career Cheer

A rhyming workbook to make your dream career appear

The When I Grow Up Coach had an idea!
“Let’s put all my career change exercises into a workbook,” she thought.

“There’s nothing to fear!”

So she set about this task and quickly came to the conclusion,
That a Dr.Seuss-like career change workbook would be the perfect solution!

So now she’s pleased to announce Operation: Creative Career Cheer!:
A Rhyming Workbook to Make Your Dream Career Appear!

It’s 53 pages with amazeballs illustrations –
the perfect foundation
to give up your career frustrations
and trade ’em in for a standing ovation!

Giveaway Time!

I’m pleased as punch that we’re giving one away here,
So write about your biggest career challenge in the comments
and your career fears just might disappear!

For an extra entry you can also “like” When I Grow Up,
Leave a separate comment and we’ll make sure to add it up!
(Seriously, less rhymes with “up” than you might think)

You can also tweet: “@WhenIGroUpCoach is having a giveaway on @kindovermatter. You need to enter if you wanna find a career that’ll flatter (you)! : http://bit.ly/loPVly”

Then come back again and leave a comment so we know,
And on July 6th we’ll pick a winner fo’ sho’!

So. Much. Fun! Good Luck everyone!
Thank you Michelle!!

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