The Only Way Through

Post by Daniel Collinsworth.

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The Only Way Through

The most profound journey we will ever take is the journey to our Self.

Eventually we come to an impasse, a space where the apparent truth points to a defective Self. Here, we begin a cycle: If I am defective, there must be someone or something that can fix me. And we search for that someone or that something that will heal what feels broken or empty inside.

Yet this vicarious love, unfortunately, turns out to be unfulfilling every time. And once again, we find ourselves at an impasse, perhaps feeling more broken than before. So we begin again, canvassing the world for a way through the loneliness.

The reality is, you won’t find it out there — because self-love is the only way through. Self-love is the ocean that all rivers of connection flow from and return to. It’s the resolution to our grainy perception of Self. Without self-love, we are hungry for food that we cannot digest.

You won’t find self-love in a lover. You won’t find it in a friend, or in a subculture, and you won’t even find it in your spirituality.

You’re only gonna find self-love in the unconditional acknowledgement of Yourself as the unstruck, beating heart of All That Is. The limitlessness of Being that you lost connection with somewhere along the way.

Look at a photo, or envision yourself as a small child. You were endless, there. You were innocent. Can you look back at that child and fault them for anything? Is that child not worthy of your love and kindness?

That child is You, before you took on any ideas of brokenness. These ideas are illusions, like looking through a broken window. You are not the window. You are the fullness inside. You are that child. Love yourself there.

Let this insight fill you up and wash over you. You are the fullness inside.

You are the beauty of creation. You are a phenomenon of Being, and a Being of purpose. Don’t let ideas of smallness or brokenness blind you to the truth of who You are.

This is where your most significant experience of Love truly begins… this is the only way through the impasse of your perceived defectiveness. Where you go from here is your journey and your joy.

Open your eyes, beautiful one, and see yourself. Begin here.


Daniel Collinsworth is a teacher and cloud watcher. He has a blog called Metta Drum where he shares insights on compassion, oneness, healing and freedom. You can connect with him on Facebook and Twitter.

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