One Lover

I have only one lover
If the truth was known,
One confidant that understands
And guides me through the unknown.

This lover is the only one
Capable of neutrality,
That brings me back to balance
And shows me how to see.

No one else can fill that place,
Our human nature blocks the way
So it’s just me and the Source
Playing every day.

When this life ends
And I travel on to other ways,
It’ll still be us together
Experiencing another phase.

My only goal is to be united,
One with my only dream,
To see there is no separation
Between me and the Source of me.

Michael Bailey
Michael Bailey’s career as a visual artist/poet spans over four decades. Her poetry often inspires a new painting and sometimes it even becomes imbedded in her mixed-media art. Whether poetry or painting, she works from a state of quiet receptivity allowing heart and hand to move of their own accord. Without preconceptions Michael trusts in the direction that inspiration provides. “I paint and write for the joy of discovering the endless forms that creative energy can assume - in me and on the paper in front of me.”michael bailey logo. You can follow Michael on her website or on Facebook.

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