On Transitions

Change. Transition. Metamorphosis. Reckoning. New Beginnings. Whatever label you prefer, life is full of them and this last year has certainly amplified that fact – on the micro level and the macro.

A little over a year ago, we transitioned from what we knew as our normal lives into our pandemic experience, and as Krista Tippett so beautifully said on a recent episode of the On Being podcast, we’ve spent the last year being afraid of each other and afraid of hurting one another…and now we’re facing the transition out of that fear.

Maybe you expected to want to immediately dive back into huge events, but instead are feeling timid.
Maybe you’ve noticed some hesitation about doing more things.
Maybe you can’t wait to get on a plane and feel comfortable around strangers again.
These are all transitions. As we’re on the cusp of the positive transition that will allow us to hug each other again, to celebrate together, to mourn, to have rituals, to be with strangers and feel joyful, even these positive transitions can feel a little vulnerable.

If you follow Astrology, many believe that the Age of Aquarius began in 2012 and that it brings us many new beginnings.

In the US we’re having some big, long-overdue reckonings around racial injustice and violence.

Those are three big, macro level transitions; and as always is the case, the macro and the micro are inextricably intertwined. As I write this, a client just texted me about the new position she’s starting and said, “The new beginnings are a little scary.”
“They’re supposed to be,” I responded, “and I also see you leaving space for it to be amazing.”

New beginnings are supposed to be a little scary – even the most wonderful new beginnings that you want with all of your heart – especially the difficult ones that come on the heels of other difficult ones.

They’re supposed to be a little scary. Can you also leave space for amazing? For joy? For wonder? For hope?

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