New Teachers

About a year or so ago I found myself craving new teachers. For the previous 5  years I’d been consistently exposed to new people, new ideas and new concepts; but I hit a lull and felt like everyone I was reading was saying the same thing.

Not knowing exactly what I was looking for was a bit of a challenge. I didn’t set out to learn about any specific new concept or skill; there was just a little voice inside that was craving new teachers.

So I set the intention for myself and kind of went on with life.

I joined some new local groups which didn’t go very far. I bought some new books; but nothing really held my attention. Things like this went on for a few months and it was fine; but that little voice was still there.

The first place I found a new teacher was a local yoga studio. Now, I’ve done yoga on and off for close to 20 years; but a friend of mine with a specific physical challenge wanted to do private yoga. I reached out to a teacher I knew and she made an introduction. Have you ever met someone and just known that there was a connection? That definitely happened. Not only was her yoga instruction phenomenal; she had knowledge in areas that I was always curious about – a little astrology, a lot of spiritual knowledge and more.

The next place was from someone I’d known for years. She’s a somatic therapist and someone I’d known for half a dozen years, but never formally worked with. That little voice prompted me to book a session with her and I was hooked. Working with my body has never been a strength of mine and the gifts I’ve gotten from this work are incredible.

Then the pandemic and protests in the US hit and I found myself absorbed in reading about experiences of black, indigenous and POC. Talk about new teachers. I’m so grateful and I’m learning.

As I write this, I’m beginning a resilience course taught by an amazing coach & colleague…again, someone I’ve known for many years.

Huh. Interesting how that little voice and an intention works, isn’t it? In some cases, those new teachers were truly new; but in most instances, there were teachers in my realm that I’d never learned from.

What are you looking for? What does that little voice in your head crave? Who is in your realm that might be able to guide you?

These are some questions that I didn’t ask myself, but that I can offer to you through the lens of hindsight. If you find that little voice keeps coming up, seeking something new, maybe you can start closer to home than you think.

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