New Challenges

“When you become comfortable with uncertainty, infinite possibilities open up in your life.” – Eckhart Tolle

Before now, my life for the most part has been a series of planned, calculated steps to achieving goals and advancing in my career. And in some weird sort of way I created my life to be a controlled environment that provided safety and predictability. I took a pretty standard path attending college, getting my Master’s degree and working at jobs that I loved (and some not so much) but I’ve always managed within my bubble.

When new challenges surfaced it was all in the context of what was to be expected in my job and within the safety of the bubble. Everything was familiar and provided consistency for me. I often dreamed of what it would be like to venture out into my own business to empower, enlighten and encourage professional women – maybe even ending up on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday chatting it up with her about my journey, my perspective on life and how what I’ve experienced can definitely help others on their life path. But I’ve always dismissed it as a fantasy, an unattainable daydream that was far too risky for my liking.

So with the sobering reminders of the daily responsibilities in my life, I knew I needed to snap out of my dream world of owning a business and reluctantly return to what was actually real…needing money to pay the bills. The whole idea of freedom and doing something new was a brief whirlwind affair that was quickly swept away.

Finally, when the enormous amounts of stress from work partnered with my already intense desires of wanting to do more in life lit a fire underneath me, I had to make a decision. Either stay where I was, continuing to make great money but be totally unhappy and unfulfilled. Or I could take a risk to journey on a road of the unknown, doing something I loved but understanding there was uncertainty, risks and no guarantees of success.

I desperately desired freedom, but at the same time I wanted security and clear outcomes before making one step.

After working in the nonprofit leadership field for well over a decade I realized that I had what it took to succeed. As my determination and ambitious spirit lead me to be successful in an area that I was not fully content with I imagined, and further more believed, that those same strengths would help me as I pursued my dream of building a business – further leaving the bubble. I knew it would require patience and perseverance, but I was up for the challenge.

I took a leap of faith and haven’t looked back since.

I learned that life was not meant to be lived in fear nor settled for. Before venturing out on my own I used to be comfortable and thought I was content with life as it was; but the constant tugging on my heart, mind and spirit were signs to push past the mundane to experience the magic that was waiting for me.

I noticed that with changing my mind set and committing to the vision of building a business, that the universe created opportunities and connected me to new people to help me in this journey. With the commitment to my new venture, what I desired was beginning to take shape and it was all so beautiful.

In life there’s no need to do things half-heartedly and think you will reap the rewards in your favor. You have to be all in or get out of the way to make room for someone else that may be more interested or suited; it will then allow you the chance to freely open the doors of opportunities that were always awaiting you.

As we get older we gain experience, new knowledge and hopefully growth. Our past way of seeing the world shouldn’t be the dictator and predictor for how we live our lives now. Don’t let your previous way of thinking keep you locked in somewhere you no longer desire to be.

Growth is eminent in life but only you have the ability to stunt it or make room for it. By all means you are free to go and seek what helps you to thrive if you are not thriving where you are now.

So with a life of certainty kept in its tidy and well put together state, we unknowingly settle for a life that eventually passes by. Who could imagine that I was more afraid of freedom then being chained to my well assembled place of unhappiness? While I have not made it to Oprah yet, I am now living life with less fear and more vibrancy and peace.

I know with all choices comes inherent risks, which could mean either living in a bubble or venturing out to breathe in all that life has for me. I choose the latter.

Raphaela Browne is a Certified Life and Career Coach, as well as a Nonprofit Organization Consultant, committed to empowering professional women and organizations to embrace change and transition seamlessly to the next level in their lives and careers. Raphaela’s main goal is to empower women in leading a life using their strengths, developing their unique leadership skills and equipping them with the necessary tools to thrive.
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