New Beginnings Can Happen Anytime

If you’re reading this on the day it’s published, it is November 11th, or 11/11. It’s said that 11 is a significant number. Maybe you’ve noticed seeing 11:11 on the clock more often than usual, or maybe you see 11’s when you look at signs or books. Whether you believe in it or not, one of the things that’s said to be true about 11 is that it’s a number signifying new beginnings.

Now I’m not trying to rush the whole New Year’s resolution season and if you’ve been hanging around here long enough you know that I don’t believe in resolutions anyway! What I do believe in is new beginnings – and those can happen anytime. They can happen today on 11/11, they can happen on January 1st, or they can happen on any random Tuesday.

What matters more than when is why. What’s the driver behind that new beginning? Is it you, or is it something you think you “should” do? Maybe you want to make a personal or professional change because you think it will make you feel better. It might, as long as it comes from your heart and not what someone wants or says you should do.

You are the expert on you. Before you make any shift or change, make sure it’s coming from you and not from an outside force. Those outside influences can help illuminate things you might not see, point out blind spots, or shed light on new opportunities, as long as you are the driver and the decision comes from you.

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