Never doubt your worth

When you doubt your value and question your worth, it leads to perfectionism, stress and burn out. You end up spending your days trying to prove to everyone else the thing you really need to believe for yourself.

Worth is not something you earn. You are worthy and have value simply for existing on this planet. <—CLICK to Tweet

Even if you grew up being told that you were too loud or too quiet or too sensitive or too rough. Even if you were fired from a job, turned down for a promotion, walked out on by a partner or disappointed by a friend. None of these external situations detract from your inherent value. We just learn to believe that they do.

What would you do differently if you believed in your own value and felt that you were worthy? Would you speak up more, ask for that raise or let people know when you need a little help?

What things would you stop doing? Maybe you’d drop some items off the to-do list, relax on a weekend even if your home isn’t Pinterest perfect or make a decision without stressing over every possible scenario.

There might even be some big dreams that you would pursue, if you believed in yourself. Whether your dreams are big or small, you deserve to achieve them…and the way to start is by believing in your worth. That’s where your true power lies.

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