My Safe Space

It was a cold black night
The sky was pitch black
The stars were shining
The planes were flying
I was laying on the grass
I was thinking about life
Reaching for the stars
Their light had me in a trance
I was frozen

It felt like a dream
Like I was in a different reality
It didn’t feel real
It felt ill
I felt like I could do anything
But it was time to come back to the real world
I felt a rich connection to this world I made
I didn’t want to leave my world because why would I, it felt like a safe
Space for me

But I realized I can come back to my world anytime, anywhere because
it’s in my mind.

josiah grannell
My name is Josiah Grannell and I am a 6th grade student in Southern New Jersey. If I had to pick a favorite subject it would be ELA (English/Language Arts). I like typing and the sound of the keyboard. I get in a zone when I am typing and the words flow. I pretend I am in an office job with a client. My favorite TV show is Stranger Things. I really enjoy the company of my friends. We have a lot of fun together. My favorite quote is, “In a world where you can be anything, be yourself.” by Albert Einstein.

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