My First Video Interview! (plus a lesson on fear, love & courage)

Heart & Soul – Kindness is a Choice

Hello beautiful yous! I’m not sure how to begin this post so I’ll just start writing…

I just finished watching Bern & I’s interview & am simply so full love for our connection.

Bernardo & I connected early last year, I can’t pinpoint the moment… it was on Twitter, which I don’t use socially anymore, but our connection, our friendship is such a bright light in my life. Deciding to say Yes to him interviewing me only strengthened my connection with him. The whole process, of him asking, my agreeing, him talking me through my fear with love, us doing the interview & chatting it up for a long while after, & our back & forth since, magical, such a tremendous gift.

Had I let fear rule my decision, none of it would of ever happened.

My dear friend Kate defines courage as feeling afraid, diving in anyway, & transforming.

That’s truth.

I feel so much lighter. When I said YES it jumpstarted the act of me dropping all those fucked up stories I was telling myself like: Your voice will shake & crack like it did during all those presentations in high school & college. You’re not smart or clever enough to pull off a good interview. You will spiral into a rambling mess & look foolish, & so on… See? Ick.

I talked in the interview about being enough, how it’s a really wonderful place to be… but realizing you are enough isn’t a one time lesson. Like Kindness, it’s a choice. It’s a never-ending lesson that will continue to pop up in your life with every new thing that arises — with every first step that you take on new & shaky ground.

That lesson will be there for you to relearn again & again.

Love yourself through it.

Love yourself through your fear.

Hold space for yourself to work through your fear. You are so way beyond worth it.

The world — WE — need you to shine your beautiful light.

We need your gifts.

You were born to share them, beautiful.

Please, take a moment to explore Bernardo’s gift to the world : : his tools & message gently love you into living fully, so many incredible interviews, heart-filling vlogs from him & a brilliant free program, it’s gorgeous there.

Thank you Bernardo, for all the kindness & support you have shown me, I adore you beyond words, friend.

Deep Love, Respect & Gratitude, xoxo,

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