My “Armor” is my Blanket

I was driving to work one day and a song came on by Sia called “Unstoppable.” It’s a catchy tune and I cranked it up and sang with it at the top of my lungs. “I put my armor on, show you how strong I am. I’ll put my armor on, show you that I am…I’m unstoppable.”

There’s a lot of push on us nowadays, especially as women – this push to be unstoppable.

We’re told we can plan more, do more, be more. Always more. Until the day all of this “more” comes to a screeching halt. Whether it’s health-related, work related or family related – all the life balance things we’re told we can accomplish suddenly becomes, well, stoppable.

I don’t know what it will be for you, but I know the full-out stop is coming. You know it, too; because it always does. And when it does, we’re always shocked, right? I tend to say things like “This is not the right time for this to happen!” as though there is ever a good time for (fill in the blank) to happen. Do you do this, too? When I can step outside of my own head, I laugh at myself and wonder when the time would be right to have life fall apart in this particular way.

We all muddle through this screeching halt in our own way; but I have discovered the best way is NOT to put my armor on. No, we don’t need the harshness of armor that keeps the world out; we need to bring the softness within. Enter the blanket.

It may seem silly; it may seem childish. I assure you it is not. The most proactive way to take care of yourself is with sleep. In order to sleep, I need a blanket – without a doubt! But my blankets are more than that. They are a way to give me weight, oomph, and protection. I can keep others out or I can let them in. My blankets can be wrapped, doubled over, crumpled up or opened up for snugs.

For day-to-day life, I like my blanket-like cardigans. They accomplish the same purpose. If I have a day where I know I need to get a lot done, I make sure I get as much sleep as I can the night before, and then I put on my leggings, boots and a big cardigan. It always works so much better for me to take care of myself in advance than to “push through.”

This month, especially, please make the time to rest. Take the time to take care of yourself, find the ways where you don’t have to push through. Find the ways that you can let go of the perfectionism and find the joy. Wrap yourself up with the ones you love, including yourself.

Lynn Devasto
Lynn "Pippy" DeVasto is an NAHA Level 1 Certified Aromatherapist specializing in custom crafted therapeutic blends. She can be found on all things social @pippysbotanicals as well as on her website. When not blending oils, she can be found at the beach with her granddaughters looking for the most beautifully imperfect shells.

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