Move Me Mondays : DIY Mustache Party!

Move Me Mondays : DIY Mustache Party!
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Okay, mustaches move me. Yep, they do. My mister has a mustache. My dad sports one, friends have them (ahem, Mr. Sam Beam does too.) It’s one of my favorite trends to come out of the Indie World. So, in honor of all these kick ass ‘staches I thought it’d be fun to pull together some fun projects & products so that you could throw an awesome little ‘stache party of your own! We own, have used & love the Lolly Mold, you could use chocolate, hard candy, soap or crayon in them! So many possibilities!

Another thing that moves me is silliness & a Mustache Party leaves a lot of room for silliness, don’t you agree?


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