Memories in hiding

Can no longer speak to my past
Muted , In the presence of my youth
Drank the potion of clarity
My flesh responded
I kissed the lips of a sleeping beauty farewell
Vast memories became past lovers
As I took a deep breath of yesterday’s answers
I was shaped
Into the image of a new beginning
Embraced but doomed
Behind me, nothing
Ahead, open
Images still haunts my essence
With no ability to conversate
Cause I am muted in its pressence
I listen to the last deep breaths
From my memories
My hand calms it
Last comfort to its eyes


Espen Stenersrød is a Norwegian writer and poet from Oslo.
With two poetry collections behind him (Diary of poet,2012 and Lifecycle in Nihighnigma, 2013) he is now working on a novel and a new poetry collection.
His poetry has been described as unique, attention grabbing and memorable.
Espen enjoys writing deep, insightful poetry that examines the human condition from both a modern and universal perspective, balancing between hope and beauty and darkness and mystery.

Check out his website and buy his poetry collections on Amazon 

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