May your life be like a wildflower

photo by Jenny Ingalls Nelson

Last week was extremely difficult. Everyone I love is healthy and fine and I’ll get more into why the week was so challenging on Thursday, but today I want to start the week with some beauty and joy.

It’s really hard to see beauty and joy on some days. I’m totally with you, and want to acknowledge the heaviness of those days. I also want to acknowledge their resolution. The heaviness does pass, and we can continue to grow like wildflowers.

The beauty and joy of each day are to spiritual growth, as nutritious food and water are to physical growth. Without them, we remain stagnant. We do not grow.

Spiritual growth doesn’t have to be a tremendous undertaking. It can simply come from noticing and acknowledging the beauty and joy of each day.

Consider this: 

  • What if instead of getting annoyed by standing in line, you were grateful to be physically able to stand? 
  • What if instead of being aggravated at a red light, you looked around and noticed a flower, or a bird or a beautiful building? 
  • What if when you feel bored, you do something fun? 

I’ve said before, and still believe that little by little, a little becomes a lot. Your life really can grow like a wildflower, very simply.

On this Monday, the start of a new week, my wish for you is to grow freely. Grow with fun. Grow from the beauty and joy of each day. Grow like a wildflower.

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Thank you for being on this journey with me.
?, Lara

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