It feels like everywhere I have lain
others find pleasure while I’m graced with pain.
Greeted by consistent discomfort, but I am drawn to the found.
And I have stayed in my space not knowing when I am around.
If I make make some sense to anyone out there
it may not be due to the truth and deep care.
The confusion lessens, the control has been released,
and I finally discover a kind of calm and peace.
I am not on my own in this unchartered territory,
somehow I must find the beginning to a new story.

Published writer & ‘Unique-tivity Guide’, Renee Avard-Furlow runs a successful site where she shares her writings & reflections, offers spiritually-based services and shares ‘Magic Musepirations’ monthly. 

She currently has two short eBooks available on Amazon, with more planned & is writing her poetic memoir, due out in late 2015.

She can be found at:, on Facebook  and Twitter.

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