Making your home workspace a better place

If you work from home it can be easy to just slump yourself at the dining room table in front of your laptop while working; however, it’s so important for both your health and productivity to optimize your workspace.

Here are a few ideas to help you be healthier and more productive while working from home:

  1. Minimize the effects of blue light

You know the scenario; it’s late, you’ve got some work that needs to be done before tomorrow morning, so you stay up late to ensure it is delivered on time. While this does help you to satisfy clients, what it doesn’t do is help your eyes.

Digital eyestrain is extremely common nowadays as we spend a lot of our time in front of visual display units. The blue light that they emit can play tricks on our brain, meaning that it thinks it is daytime when it isn’t. Digital protection glasses from Eye Buy Direct are a great way to combat this, both reducing eyestrain and improving sleep, so head to their website for a little inspiration.

  1. Move to another room

If you do work from home, then whenever possible you should aim to have a completely separate room as a dedicated workspace.

Not only does this help you to shut off the rest of the world when you are working, but also shut your work away at the end of the day which will improve your mindset. Try to find somewhere where distractions are minimal, staying away from high traffic and noisy places such as the kitchen or laundry room.

  1. Get yourself a good desk chair

It’s time to dump the dining room chairs and invest in a proper desk chair. Think about how many hours a week you spend sitting in front of your laptop or computer and how that can affect your back and posture over time.

A proper desk chair will ensure that you have adequate comfort and lumbar support while working. This will also make you feel a lot better when you’re not working. If you’re short on funds you can always opt for second-hand sites and stores to find a good desk chair.

  1. Utilize natural light

Instead of banishing yourself to a dark corner of your home, find a nice airy space to put your desk and chair. Natural light is vital in any workspace. Either too much or too little can negatively impact your productivity and well-being.

By having more natural light you not only better regulate your body clock but you can also make yourself feel a lot more positive and self-motivated.

  1. Add some plant life

Aside from sunlight, plants can also be a good way to improve mood within your home workspace. Adding a few plants to your desk is a great place to start. You don’t need to create a jungle, but a few extra plants here and there are sure to make you feel more productive. Studies have shown that plants in the workplace both increase productivity and reduce stress.

I hope these tips help you become more productive in your home office!

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