making friends with our monsters

Post by Lynn DeVasto for the Kind Kindred series.

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Quite a few changes have happened in my life over the past 5 years. Some good, some ehh…but everybody wants the secret sauce for the good stuff. Unfortunately, it isn’t always what they want to hear. I spent many hours in therapy, lots of introspective time, both life and business coaching. Even with all that, it essentially came down to this; I sat with my monsters…I sat with them, until I could love and accept them, until their ugliness turned into a sort of lovely cuteness that I can live with. Still, sometimes they forget their place and start to whisper and then yell:

~ you’re not good enough
~ who do you think you are?
~ you don’t eat (healthy enough, all organic, vegetarian, _______)
~ you know you’ll gain all that weight back
~ you can’t do that
~ people will judge you
~ you’ve never run a marathon
~ you’re too scattered
~ damn, you even forgot the deadline for this post!

Here’s the thing that I never forget. They are both right and wrong. I am not where I want to be (yet) and I continually strive for more. But I AM good enough, and most days I do better than the day before. Those monsters? They are important to me, a part of me that I don’t want around me all the time, but I need them some of the time. To have them pop in at times so I remember where I have come from. I need them around me simply so I can remember where I have come from, so that I can grow. They force me to look at status quo and through their unwavering gaze, I know I need to change, to move to another plane of being. Other times, I just sit with my monsters, accept them and allow them to be. Here’s hoping you can all do that for your little monsters too.

Lynn DeVasto is the owner of SuperGirl Workout. After losing 90 pounds, she made the decision to help woman be their own super-hero and find their own version of “fit and fearless”, while being true and kind to themselves in the process.
~ Important but boring stuff: She holds certifications in personal training, holistic wellness coaching, sports nutrition and barre.
~ Perhaps unimportant, but fun stuff: Wakes up every morning at 4:30 (ugh), lives with her kitty love (Brady), has yet to meet a potato she doesn’t like (especially if mashed), currently nominated for Best Personal Trainer in South Jersey!

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