Make Someone’s Day : The 5 Minute/$5 Dollar Edition

Make Someone's Day : The 5 Minute/$5 Dollar Edition

As you all know, Etsy is my go-to shopping place. I really love shopping for little gifts to give that are thoughtful but inexpensive.

I decided to put together a little list of a few gifts that you could have the Etsy seller send directly to a someone you love for around $5. I’ve included instructions on how to do so below too. Take 5 minutes to do this for someone, not only will it make their day but I guarantee that it will make yours (& the Etsy seller’s) too! (I put a * after the things that I have bought either for myself or have gifted.)

Doodle Magnets by Artsyville*
Solo Air Plant by TortoiseLovesDonkey*
Soothing Stones by AngelEllie*
Quilted Coasters by baumcat*
You Are Amazing Stickers by sansmith
Mini DIY Collage Kits by antzin*
Peace Crane Greetings by peacecranegreetings*
Keychains, Magnets, Pocket Mirrors & Buttons by BarrelOfMonkeys*
Custom Scrabble Magnets by XOHandworks

Here are some super easy instructions on how to contact an Etsy seller to ask them to send the goods to a loved one, if you have any questions feel free to ask them in the comments:

 make someone's day in 5 minutes with $5 dollars without moving from your seat

Have fun!

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