Make It Easy

On any given day it’s not difficult to find things that are difficult. The news is full of them, maybe work is really tough at this time of year, and heck, the social obligations are already starting to pile up. Things can feel hard, heavy, challenging. Throw in fewer hours of daylight and it’s enough to make a person want to hibernate until Spring!

Given that for most of us, hibernating until Spring isn’t an option, what I’ll offer instead is the invitation to look for ways to make it easy. “It” can be anything from navigating extra holiday obligations to end of year workload to looking for a new job to trying to maintain regular habits.

What are the ways that you can make things easier? It’s a question that most of us don’t ask ourselves…ever! Here’s a way you can start. Think about a habit that’s difficult to maintain or starting to slip. Maybe it’s a regular meditation practice and you’ve noticed that when your schedule gets busier, it’s one of the first things to go. How can you make it easy? Maybe you hit snooze in the morning before you get up. Can you replace that snooze with your meditation time? Maybe you have a light traffic day and arrive at work early. Can you meditate in the car for a few minutes? Maybe you’re dropping kids off at an activity. Can you meditate before you zip off to your next stop? What’s the easiest way you can support yourself in keeping this habit? For a recent client, it was exercising before getting home. When he got in the front door there was no chance of exercising; so he knew that the gym had to be a stop on the way home. That’s what made it easy to maintain that habit.

Before the end of year and holiday activities fully pile on, spend a few moments looking for ways to make things easy. As you juggle your “to do” list and full schedule, is there a way to organize your time that makes it easier? When you look at things with ease in mind, you might be surprised how often you find it.

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