How to make those intentions stick

How are your 2017 intentions going so far? Mine (being more mindful and valuing movement) are off to a good start. I’m making little shifts like choosing to walk to the CVS instead of driving, putting my smartphone out of reach when I’m spending time with loved ones and cutting way down on multi-tasking.

Sure, it’s only January 16th, but take some time to celebrate what you’re proud of. Did you intend to prioritize health and choose vegetables over french fries? Go you! Celebrate! To stay connected to your intentions, it’s important to celebrate the things you’ve done to support them. You’re working hard and deserve to feel good about that.

Each time you make the choice to celebrate an accomplishment, you’re learning to believe in yourself. <—CLICK to Tweet  Learning to believe in yourself is the key to making your intentions stick.

It’s a pretty simple recipe, on paper anyway. Getting those intentions to stick requires a little work and a lot of self-belief. I’d venture to guess that more people lose sight of their intentions because of lack of self-belief, not lack of hard work. So stop worrying about whether or not you’re working hard enough. Focus more on believing in yourself. Make a practice of noticing the choices you made that support your intentions and celebrating them! Cultivate a habit of self-belief and your intentions will be just as relevant in July as they are right now.

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