Maintaining Kind Work Team Relationships

A work team is a collection of people working on a professional project. As a team leader, you need to be kind towards your team.

In the world of business, kindness is often seen as a weakness. We do not want to do anything that dampens our fire or keeps us from moving up the corporate ladder; however, when you have a work team things are very different.

One of the top lessons when learning how teams work is to treat everyone with kindness. These are the people who will help you realize your dream or project.

Here are some skills to develop kindness in your work team:

1.  Laughter

A hearty and light working environment is ideal if you want to build a strong relationship. There is no better way to do this than by having a good sense of humor. As most of us already know, laughter is considered the ‘best medicine’ because it provides many types of benefits for the heart and mind.

Laughing will nurture emotional connections and trigger positive feelings. This helps in strengthening our relationship with the people around us. When we are working in a team environment, things can get tense. It makes sense that laughter and fun would allow us to enjoy our day at work and relax.

When it comes to your workplace, you can start watching funny videos on YouTube, crack a joke, share a funny story or set up game sessions like table tennis or ping pong with your team. These will help you lighten up and enable your team to forgive and forger disagreements, resentments and other negative feelings.

2.  Honesty

It is often said that honesty is the best policy. Trust is something of value when you are a team working together. A lack of trust towards your team members or boss will only invite disappointment, argument and conflict.

One of the most critical components of trust is honesty. This means that you need to be transparent with everything you say or do, even if it means going against the majority and speaking out.

This may create some friction; however, it will keep you and your members from harboring anger and resentments. Additionally, your team members will feel more inclined to share their thoughts with you, which can prevent problems from getting in the way of your actual project.

Start by inviting the team members to share their ideas, opinions and thoughts about the project or agenda. Be sure to note the suggestions of each person.

3.  A Listening Ear

When working in teams, it is essential that you listen to your team members, especially if you are a leader.

Many times we tend to assert ourselves by interrupting the other person before they can finish speaking. That person is then less inclined to participate further. They will also become more hesitant to work hand-in-hand with you or other team members.

If you simply listen attentively you will become more sensitive towards the requirements and needs of your team members. You will also be able to come up with beneficial ideas and solutions. This will gain the respect and attention of your team members, and they will listen to you when you make an announcement or give instructions.

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4.  Keep an Open Mind

If you want to improve working team skills, you need to take a step further and keep an open mind. Consider and implement the ideas and suggestions of your team members. Apart from nurturing their respect and trust, you will also discover a wide range of possibilities to help you move ahead with your project.

This does not mean that you have to implement all proposed ideas; but having an open mind will show that you are someone who is easy to work with. Your team members will appreciate you, and will be enthusiastic about working with the ideas you have chosen.

Create a list of suggestions and feedback. You can then narrow down the ideas based on what you are looking for, such as the capabilities of your team or the scope of your project.

5.  Empathy

A perfect work team can be described as a group where a person enters the workplace, finishes their job and leaves; however, that is not always true.

There will always be difficulties and challenges, like a conflict at home, a family member passing away, etc. It’s essential to know how and when you need to display empathy to your team members, especially during difficult times. You should be willing to offer understanding, compassion and sympathy when needed.

It is vital to express genuine compassion and concern. When someone comes to you with a problem and requests some time off, you should try your best to understand this situation and accommodate their needs. Ask the individual to keep the team posted and assure them that they will always have your support.

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Final Thoughts

Overall, being kind to your team will reap benefits. You can start implementing talking and laughing sessions, get involved with team working games, etc. With the help of these activities you will get your projects completed faster than you would have dreamed of. Strive to be kind to all your colleagues and workmates at your office.

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