Maintaining Connection

I’ve decided to continue what I started last week to use this corner of the internet in the best way I can think of right now which is offering a little calm in this storm.

Let’s talk about connection. As we all settle into practicing social distancing, I’m loving the movement toward maintaining social connection, even through distance. I also know that a lot of people don’t really know what that looks like.

Here are some things that are really supporting people:

Use a video tool like Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp or Face Time. There are free video tools available and most of them have virtual technical support if you need help figuring them out. If your computer doesn’t have a camera, they also have smartphone apps available. Seeing people is so important when we can’t physically be together. Research by Marcus Buckingham shows that the medium doesn’t matter as much as the frequency, so check in often!

Lean into social media. I know, usually we hear folks talking about how social media disconnects folks; but right now I’m seeing the opposite. So many people are going Live on Instagram. There are many more Stories popping up. People are reaching out and creating communities. Curate your feed so it’s not full of things that feel stressful, then get some connection from feel good places.

Talk to folks from a safe distance. I’ve chatted with a few neighbors while on a walk and it’s been a bright spot.

Send more texts than you normally would. Even a quick “How are you?” can be a lovely reminder to someone that you’re still connected and thinking about them.

Connect to yourself. There’s a lot of information and feelings to hold right now. The best way to navigate it is to ensure you’re connecting with yourself. That might look like movement, or quiet, or something completely different; but whatever it looks like to you, keep doing it.

If you’re feeling the need for connection, here’s your invitation. Head to our Facebook or Instagram and leave a note. Let’s show up for each other and help maintain connection.

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