Magpie Choices

Each time a decision is required
I must part with a bit of myself
Leave it on the side of
this bifurcated path.
I don’t want to part with
My magpie collections
Sorted and savored over years as
I tried to approach perfection
Bright shiny wrappings
Strings woven tightly
A cache of memories
Some no longer serving
Layers of character
Hard fought for and
Greatly deserved
A mantle in which I am wrapped.
Could I walk a straight line?
Never slough off a bit of me?
Hold on to what is no longer needed?
Haul that weight to the grave?
I have gained and lost
And will continue to do so
Life is complicated
A pilgrimage, not a highway.
Many forks in the road will greet us
Many options that can’t all be taken
Many folks in our lives will go from us
Many times, to our roots, we’ll be shaken
And yet
Each time we choose
we can choose love.
And that makes the leaving
The sloughing
A purification
Not a punishment.

Victoria Fritz
Victoria Fritz has been a logophile for all of her life. Her love of words evolved into a love of writing poetry in the last two years. Never having been a poetry reader (until now!), Victoria finds writing in poetic form a natural way to process and express her inner workings and is hopeful that some of what she writes resonates with others. If you enjoy her work, you can check her out on Instagram. Victoria tries to post daily, but also tries to be gentle with herself when that doesn't happen. Some days she is kinder to herself than others, but with inspiration from Kind Over Matter it's getting easier.

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