Loving Who I Was

Post by Jo Anna Rothman.

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Loving Who I Was

Earlier this year, I left the city I had been living in for 13 years. Los Angeles had been a dream, hatched in the mind of a teenager… cooked up after reading a book. It seemed like a good idea. The perfect idea. When college ended, I hightailed to the land of palm trees and sunshine, figuring it would be my Home Sweet Home. It was, until it wasn’t. One day, I knew it was time to leave. It took me 2 years to make the leap but once I was truly ready there was no stopping me.

I’m writing this from my new home in Asheville, NC. There is little rhyme or reason to my move. Other than I listened to what felt best and it drew me here. To this wonderful little house, on this cute street, in an amazing city. I don’t know anyone. My family doesn’t live here. It is my adventure, born from a longing for something new.

My boxes arrived the other day from Los Angeles. All of my worldly possessions… what I kept of them. I rummage through them, trying to remember what made the cut. With each box I open, I am struck by the girl who packed them. She had no idea what was to come. There were notions. Ideas. But none of them concrete. She was ok with that. Completely and totally. She packed up her stuff, hopped in her car and sped away. She let the world carry her. To family. To friends. To newness and stretches beyond what she thought was possible. She was uncomfortable and invigorated. Grateful. Loving. Willing. Unsure. And quite at home in the amazing possibility of the unknown.

I open my boxes in same energy. Except I know. I know where I came from and where I have landed in this moment. I know what the experience brought forth. The challenges. The opportunities. The amazing moments of connection that flow over and over again. I know. And I am better for it.

I am no longer that girl. The girl without the proof. She was brave and courageous beyond measure, willing to follow her pleasure… willing to say “I don’t know” to most queries that came her way. I now know the power of surrender. It is not an idea but a living practice. Because she took a leap, I can continue to… knowing how to conjure magic and meaning in every moment that crosses my path. I know how to keep going… not to stop half way through. Because she began, I get to have the treasure. Even better, I get to keep going… knowing that the gold lies all over the place.

Jo Anna Rothman, MA is an intuitive coach and facilitator of The Receiving Project. She revels in assisting people in falling in love with their lives. She is committed to living a life full of pleasure, purpose and enthusiasm. And perhaps most important, she knows the secret to the perfect s’more.

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