Love Your Process

What would happen if you stopped judging the way you do things? How would you feel if you accepted the things you didn’t like as being part of your process? Could you believe that you’re doing the best you can?

I can tell you that my answers are I feel free, peaceful and hell yeah!

My recent self-kindness journey has been centered around accepting the things that are part of my process and loving myself through them. I’m not talking about the run of the mill things, but the things that I love to hold against myself…like the fact that I still get anxious and a little nauseous before speaking gigs and big meetings. My refrain had been “You should be over this by now.” or “What’s wrong with you that you still feel this way?” Then I had a recent light bulb moment. You know, one of those times when all the things you’ve read/heard/taught come crashing together and you finally “get it.” My light bulb was simple. Accept the nausea as part of your process. Ironically, I have a 4 year old sticky note inside my medicine cabinet that says I will love myself through this process…but you know, sometimes we need to learn the same lesson several times!

Getting back to “How would you feel if you accepted the things you didn’t like as being part of your process?” – my answer is free. The past few times I’ve had a speaking gig or a big meeting, I’ve approached my looming nerves very differently. Instead of feeling frustrated, I’ve prepared. That usually means skipping the coffee, eating something beige like a bagel or pasta and having Kombucha tea and mint on hand.

This small shift has made for an entirely different experience. Instead of expending even more energy being frustrated with myself, I felt the freedom of acceptance.

When you give yourself the gift of accepting even the messy things as a part of your process, you’re rewarded with even deeper self-love. What messy parts of your process do you want to accept? I’d love to know.

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