Love Stepped In Line with Rachel Awes

Guest Post by Rachel Awes for the Kind Kindred series.

love stepped in line

i was a bit behind in pulling together holiday cards to send out. gathering and updating addresses for the dear envelopes. drawing little berry branches on each. stuffing with letters. in between all the rest of life. like we all do. + i just missed the mail pick-up time on saturday. then revised my plan to send this well-intentioned pile on monday. along with a print order i had so wonderfully received through my online etsy shop. actually, i had already mailed this print last week to this beautiful woman in tennessee. despite the envelope being marked with “do not bend”, her postal carrier bent it in half + stuffed it in her mailbox. + so i need to send it to her again. + also, i’ve been down with some bug all week. my energy has gone on vacation. + so has a sense of neat order + time.

then came monday morning. i got to the post office first thing. only to be behind twenty people + one worker behind the counter. everyone was talking about how they thought they would be smart + get there early. + so now i could be counted among the line of the smarties. which has it’s own value to be sure.

+ after only a couple minutes, love stepped in line. the story was about to change. it was my friend nancy, pulling her dolly of packages. after a welcomed embrace, she told me i must have better things to do with my morning + took all my envelopes from me. her eyes twinkled as she stood in all her capacity, balancing her coffee mug, packages, + now my various sizes of envelopes. one more hug was in order + ever so quickly, i was off + on my way. order + time restored. as well as my heart. just like that.

kindness changes everything. it seems i needed all these experiences to lead me to such a line. to such a hug. + i am deeply grateful.

rachel awes is a psychologist, art playgroundist, writer, wife, mother, + friend, who loves listening to the beauty in people. connect :: etsy shop :: blog :: facebook :: twitter ::


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