Love Poem

graphic by John Morton

Love will not yield, will not cease
Says, “Citizens of Earth, we come in peace!”

Opens doors. Fights no wars
Takes creepy crawly spiders from the bedroom floor
And places them gently unharmed outdoors

Gets together to study. Does not grouse
Says, “Hey buddy, this one’s on the house!”

Donates blood despite the needle’s stick
Because someone elsewhere is injured or sick

Says, “I’m going to quit smoking, eat right, and exercise more,
so I can stick around longer and help love flourish like never before!”

Wastes not and fixes broken components
Puts the toilet seat down (It takes just a moment)

Says, “Forget quarterly earnings and dollar amounts,
It’s our customers, employees, and long-term prosperity that counts!”

Is patient and is kind
Can not, will not, be left behind

Does not envy. Does not boast
Helps dig ditches and mend fence posts

Love may not be all that we need,
But it’s the first ingredient to go in and what we need most indeed


John Everett Morton is an artist, writer, and musician who chronicles the creative process at his website

When not drawing squares or robots playing guitar, John likes to play guitar and write songs about robots and being square.

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