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Post by Lynn DeVasto for the Kind Kindred series.

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Remember when we were kids? Remember the fun and fantasy? Remember how we “knew” our lives were going to be so great when we grew up and could do “anything” we wanted? I remember like it was yesterday, standing in my BFF’s kitchen and telling her mom that I couldn’t wait to be an adult because I could then…finally….be free from the stupid tyrannical “adult” rules and live my life how I wanted. That along with spending my money any which way I chose, and well…shucks, life was gonna be great!

Are you laughing yet? What happened to that little girl? What happened to that cocky teenager who had no doubt that life was going her way? Life gets in the way and the Universe has a way of handing us “things” that we were completely unprepared to deal with and takes us off course. Oh, and we all have bills and responsibilities…sometimes overwhelming ones. But does that mean there’s no time to dream or to do life on our terms? Does it mean that at 35, 45, 55, 65, and even 75+ that life has knocked us down so much we can’t get back up? I can’t believe that. I choose to believe that no matter how things have gone off track, we can allow ourselves to get back to knowing ourselves, back to loving and being in our own magical life.

At one point in time (okay, several, but for this example…), I felt that I had completely screwed my life up and that life had completely screwed me. I was fat, unhealthy, unhappy, in a marriage where I was lonely, in a job where I felt unappreciated and underpaid. I was prepared to simply exist in the dullness and drudgery of each and every day. I was 38 and I had forgotten how great and magnificent life could be.

What saved me was love. Love from people who surrounded me and held me up and wouldn’t let me go. The people who did let me go? And the ones that I let go? I miss them, but it is clear we were only meant to be in each others lives for a season. But, oh…the people who know all the history and still love me? They are the ones who encouraged me to take that first step out of depression, the ones who held my hand as I walked towards allowing myself to simply be.

I still believe we can have our dream life…maybe not the one of our childhood fantasies, but one based on our grown up inner knowledge of what we want it to look like. My dream life now is very different than that of my childhood, or even 10 years ago. It has very little to do with “things,” but very much to do with having love and experiences. My dream life involves good for me food, kick-ass workouts, my safety of my family and the love of my life. Oh, and beach sitting by blue water whenever possible!

What does your dream life look like? How close is it to reality? What small steps can you do to bring it a little closer? For me, for today, I’m putting on a sundress and I’m off to the beach!

To healthy and happy,

Lynn DeVasto is the owner of Live and Love Your Life, which helps you deal with the trifecta of Food, Fitness and Feelings. She has taken her experience of losing 90 pounds and her certifications in Personal Training, Holistic Wellness Coaching, Sports Nutrition and Barre to create a premium coaching experience. This allows you manage your health in a way that works for you instead of against you. Click HERE to get her juicy tips to Live and Love Your Life!

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