A Love Letter for Living

Guest post by Daniel Collinsworth.

A Love Letter for Living

I am grateful for the loneliness that taught me self-knowing. The abuse that taught me compassion. The sadness that taught me to swim in deep waters.

I am thankful for the broken heart that taught me self-love. The rejection that taught me self-acceptance. The humiliation that taught me tenderness.

I am grateful for the darkness that taught me empathy. The hopelessness that taught me perseverance. The failed suicide attempt that taught me that love is the reason to live.

I am thankful for the grief that taught me to say “I love you” today, not tomorrow.

I am grateful for the the difficult relationships that show me where inner development is needed. The mistakes that teach me responsibility. The forgiveness that teaches me grace.

I am thankful for the time of homelessness that taught me that life is about choices.

I am grateful for the job loss that taught me entrepreneurship and the concept of dreaming big, and for having a job that supports me in the creation of my dream while allowing me to provide for myself.

I am thankful for my mother’s strength for teaching me to respect the feminine, and my father’s softness for teaching me to temper the masculine.

I am grateful for the trees that teach me stillness. The cloud formations that teach me the sacredness of the now. The mountains that teach me the quiet gentleness of true greatness.

I am thankful for the heights of ecstasy that teach me the limitlessness of experience. The unfolding of joy in the quietness of a moment. The wonder of being.

I am thankful for the folks in my life who make living so worthwhile.

I am thankful for you, for being the mirror that shows me who I am. For being my teacher and my friend.

I am thankful for you, who makes the Universe complete.

Daniel Collinsworth is a teacher and cloud watcher. He has a blog called Metta Drum where he shares insights on compassion, oneness, healing and freedom. You can connect with him on Facebook and Twitter.

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