Love Coupons

At one time or another as a child you probably gifted a loved one a coupon. Hand-drawn cut out cards that show love through action are great gifts from kids. They’re completely free yet also sentimental and thoughtful. Some fun examples you may be familiar with include “15-minute foot massage” or “five free hugs.” The lucky receiver of these coupons can cash them in for the activity to be carried out.

You’ll be pleased to hear that you haven’t outgrown these affectionate gifts. In fact, they make great gifts for significant others, friends and family. As an adult you can offer date nights, drinks on you and movie nights. The possibilities are nearly endless. Don’t worry if your drawing skills haven’t improved much since childhood. You only have to print out and cut these downloadable love coupons for adults.

Are you a parent looking for a thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift for your child without breaking the bank? Love coupons are great for kids, too! Let them delay their bedtime one night or eat breakfast for dinner. These printable coupons for kids are also fun to throw in birthday cards for an added surprise.

Gift-giving can be hard, especially if you’re on a tight budget. Love coupons allow you to give your loved ones a meaningful gift without hurting your bank account. The best part is the receiver can use them whenever they please – it’s the gift that keeps on giving. Sometimes people can forget about their coupons. Add an expiration date to prompt them to use it before it’s too late!

How can you convey your love and friendship through one material item? What if your loved one is hard to buy for? Our friends at Wikibuy understand how difficult finding the perfect gift can be. That’s why they created these delightful Valentine’s Day coupons for kids and adults.

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