Looking for some more Courage in your life?

What does courage mean to you? To some it means sky diving or bungee jumping. For others, it’s setting a boundary or saying no to someone.

However you define courage, it’s something most people wish they had more of.

That’s why the Courage in Action Telesummit was created! In 2015, a group of courageous women who had previously completed the Courageous Living Coach Certification┬áprogram, decided to share their unique messages of courage with the world.

This year, we’re back and bigger than before!

The telesummit starts on September 12th and features 11 days of courage from 21 different experts!

  • You’ll hear from online entrepreneurs, jewelry designers, coaches and teachers.
  • You’ll learn that everyone has a different definition of courage, and why that’s a really great thing.
  • Most importantly, you’ll get great ideas on how to practice courage more in your own life.

It’s all completely free and delivered straight to your inbox. Join today, and start bringing more courage into your life.

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