Long Tail Theory

It has all been said before
Since before Beowulf
Poets, musicians, storytellers, minstrels,
Seers, psychics, sibyls, sisters,
Grifters, politicians, emperors, thieves,
Saints, sinners, seekers, priests.
We have held the world captive.
Knitted a million tintypes –
spun from the same words.
Circular file?
Family Scrapbook?
Museum quality?
It has all been said before:
In the bleak midwinter
Pinpricks of light
Red robin, the harbinger of spring
Water melon juice sticky
fire hydrant rainbows
The floating yellow leaves of fall
Purple mountain majesty
I took the one less traveled by
Still, still, still…
When I stand on a mirrored lake shore
Crisp winter air filling my lungs
Seeing the stars at five in the morning,
the first clear sky in five days
The dog snuffling
in the leaf mold and weeds
Hearing the morning chatter of loons,
or maybe geese,
possibly coyotes
I don’t actually know what that sound is.
I want to have something new to say
To knit this moment into eternity.
It has all been said before.
So what.
I love you still holds
I hate you still tears
Recycled words still work
Uncast the yarn and try again.
Some pieces fall apart with time,
Mouse nibbled, moth holed, acid stained.
But, some last for thousands of years
Comforting, warming, itching, clashing
with generations.
It has all been said before:
Say it again.
Say it anyway.
Say It!
just. say. It.

Victoria Fritz
Victoria Fritz has been a logophile for all of her life. Her love of words evolved into a love of writing poetry in the last two years. Never having been a poetry reader (until now!), Victoria finds writing in poetic form a natural way to process and express her inner workings and is hopeful that some of what she writes resonates with others. If you enjoy her work, you can check her out on Instagram. Victoria tries to post daily, but also tries to be gentle with herself when that doesn't happen. Some days she is kinder to herself than others, but with inspiration from Kind Over Matter it's getting easier.

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