Maybe we are meant to let go of everything

To cocoon in what is most familiar

Not forever but until we change.

Like the caterpillar, our time has come

To relinquish the self as we knew it

And to let some mystery overtake us

That breaks us down to essence

And then reshapes us,

Bolder than before

And where we inched along in our unsurprising lives

We now learn to unfold, reborn

Into something new and lighter

That knows the wild joy of taking flight.

Mark Evan Chimsky is an editorial consultant (markchimskyeditorial.com) who headed major publishing imprints and was the editor of a number of bestsellers, including Johnny Cash’s autobiography "Cash." He is a contributor to Huffington Post, The Good Men Project and Thrive Global. An award-winning poet, Mark has published poetry and essays in Bullets into Bells, JAMA (The Journal of the American Medical Association), Wild Violet, The Oakland Review, Three Rivers Poetry Journal and Mississippi Review.

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