Listen up, Buttercup

Guest post by Andrea Schroeder.

You are a superstar.


You are made out of infinite creative potential and bright shiny gorgeous dreams. You are here to do amazing things.


You are made out of Purpose and Spirit and Love and Vision and Wisdom. There is nothing you cannot accomplish.



Except when you listen to that little voice that says you can’t.

That says it’s too hard right now. Too expensive. Too risky. Too big. Too impossible. And you don’t know how anyway and if you try you are sure to fail.

That voice that says that dreams are for other people, not for you.

The absolute kindest thing you can ever do for yourself is to learn how to deal with that voice.

To stop letting it stop you.

Your inner critic is wrong. Absolutely, completely wrong. Always.

Your inner critic is a part of you: a small, frightened, terribly misguided part of you.

You’re not wrong for having an inner critic. It doesn’t mean you aren’t amazing or that your dreams are not possible. Everybody has an inner critic. EVERYBODY.

It’s completely fine and normal to HAVE an inner critic, it’s just not appropriate to let it be in the driver’s seat in any aspect of your life.

You can think of it like a bully.

If you cower and do what the bully says – you’re giving the bully way too much power over you.

If you start re-arranging your life in order to avoid a bully – you’re letting the bully decide how you’re going to live.

If you stand strong and fight back – one, of probably both of you, is going to get hurt.

It feels like there’s no good way out, hey?

Except there is a way.

Talk to the bully and look beneath the surface. Anyone who is criticizing anyone else is, themselves, feeling criticized. The bully is terrified about something. The bully is trying to create safety for himself in the only way he knows how.

It’s the same with your inner critic only it’s more personal.

Your inner critic wants to keep YOU safe. He’s trying to lead you towards in the safest direction in the only way he knows how.

Your inner critic knows exactly how important your dreams are. He doesn’t want anything to ever happen that would shatter those dreams.

The problem is that this he’s got a teeny tiny limited perspective. And in trying to keep your dream safe he is holding you back from actually having what you really want – for the dream to be real.

Dreams can’t come to life without getting a few dings and scratches. That’s just how they grow. And your inner critic trying to keep your dream safe from those dings and scratches actually keeps your dream from being able to grow.

So you’ve got to stop giving into your inner critic, avoiding your inner critic and fighting with your inner critic.

That’s right – you’ve got to be kind to your inner critic.

That’s the first step to being able to work WITH your inner critic to create what you both want: for you to have a happy, amazing life.

When my inner critic tells me I’m not good enough to do what I want to do, or that what I want is impossible or that so-and-so is way better than I am I stop and say “Oh sweetie. I’m so sorry you feel that way. What do you need? A hug? A nap? A trip to the park?”

My inner critic always forgets about things like: trust, magic, my creative genius, love and the laws of abundance.

It’s my job to keep reminding him. Over and over and over and over and over again. With love and tenderness.

If you’d like to play along I’ve got a kit full of resources that leads you through the process of getting to know your inner critic and turning your relationship around. You can check it out right here: Transform Your Inner Critic Creativity Kit!

With a paintbrush in one hand & a glitter-gun in the other, Andrea lovingly mentors men & women who want to lead creatively abundant lives — and do ‘impossible’ things, with ease & joy.

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