Listen to your heart to find a business that inspires you & others

Post by Lisa Work for the Kindness in Business series.

Listen to your heart to find a business that inspires you and others

Everywhere you look these days, people are starting their own business. It’s exciting and compelling. So many of the women I work with want to do the same. They yearn to work for themselves, doing something they absolutely love.

But, what kind of business should you create? With so many interests, options, choices and opportunities, it can be really hard trying to figure out the perfect kind of business that will make money, make a difference and be exciting for us.

Here are some ideas to help you get started:

First, you have to dig in with your own wanting. Yes, someone you know may be wildly successful doing something that inspires them, but that may not be what’s going to work for you. I think we tend to emulate what we see other people winning at. One of the reasons that they’re winning is because they are doing something that they really, truly love.

I think that’s one of the coolest things about today’s wide open business market – you really can create a business that you absolutely love – that inspires you and inspires others. And YOU can win doing it.

The thing is, you have to take the time to listen to your own heart. Pay attention to what you love, what you want, and how you want to contribute and make a difference with others.

That right there is the heart of today’s business world: offering something to the world that contributes and makes a difference.

Whether that’s teaching the world about the power of hoop dance like our wonderful Amanda here, or making something beautiful that adds to our experience of life, or you teach people to cook yummy, healthy meals – when your business brings something special to the world you will find yourself working harder to make a bigger difference. And that is going to leave you inspired and fulfilled.

To figure out what that could be, you have to listen and pay attention to what your passions and interests are.

  • What are the things that pull at your heart strings?
  • What gets you excited and motivated?
  • What can you talk about for hours and hours and you never get bored?
  • What do you find yourself researching and wanting to learn more about?

There is gold in all of this. You can find your awesome business idea by digging in with these questions.

But, just finding something you love is not enough. The next thing you’ll want to figure out is what is the best way for you to share your love and passion with the world?

Again, you have to listen to heart.

Let’s say that what you love is food – healthy, organic food that nourishes and heals.

There are SO MANY ways you could create a business around that passion: you could start a cooking blog, you could teach cooking classes around town, write a cook book, open a restaurant or catering company, or create an online course that teaches people how to set up a healthy kitchen. The possibilities are ENDLESS!

The thing you’ll want to focus on – to help you narrow down your options – is to figure out in what ways do you most come alive?

If you like the quiet solitude of your own kitchen then writing a cookbook or blog would be a better fit. If you like to chat and teach people – you could start a small cooking school in your community. If you like public speaking and teaching to larger audiences – you could start an online cooking show with easy to follow videos teaching people how to cook.

The more you create your business so that it’s 100% in synch with what you most love, the more energy and attention you’ll give that business.

I know that it’s scary to step out there and get started. Sharing our ideas, our dreams and what’s in our heart is one of the most courageous things that any one of us will possibility ever do.

But, living that way – out loud , for all the world to see – is a very fulfilling life. When the work you do in the world inspires you, it will inspire others. The more of us that step into the arena of creating our own soulful business, the better the world becomes.

Just remember that you will have so much more success when you listen to your own heart, do what inspires YOU, and create your business around what makes you come alive. The world is waiting for what you have to offer.

Lisa Work is an artist, a dreamer and a Visionary Mom, whose on a mission to help other mothers make their big ideas happen. You CAN do big stuff, even while being a mom – whether it’s starting a business that you really love, traveling the world, writing that book you’ve been thinking about, or becoming an artist. At, Lisa facilitates group coaching programs that help to propel you into action, making your dreams come true.


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